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own your audience.

Contrary to popular belief - 

  email is not dead. 

Email marketing remains one of the top marketing tactics that businesses use to generate sales and engagement for their offers. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.


That is because email marketing is a proven tactic that delivers incredible results compared to social media and other marketing channels. 

Tired of fighting with the algorithm to reach only 10% of your audience. It's time to take your email list to the next level by backing it with a strategy that works for you. 

Why outsource your

email marketing services?

Can you answer YES to any of these questions
  • Does planning email workflows take way more time than you'd like? 

  • Do you struggle to convert customers with your email series or funnels?

  • Do you have low engagement on your email list and have no idea how to fix that?

  • Does your lead magnet not generate enough leads for your email list?

  • Do you desperately need a strategy to make your email list a high converting part of your business?

  • Are you a business owner that wears all sorts of hats?

  • Do you get frustrated with designing email templates that fit your branding?

As a business owner, we wear far too many hats that are outside of our zone of genius. Reduce the overwhelm and create more time to do more of what YOU love in your business.
Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

get your entirely free trello email planner - instant access

The simple way to plan your email calendar. Plan weeks of email content at a time! 

Done for you email marketing services. Managed Business Services for email marketing


Don't have the staff to develop emails, strategy, and manage your email campaigns - Let Gal be your expert.

Email marketing strategy. Business strategy to grow email list, increase email list engagement, and create conversions for email sequences

Strategy Intensives

Struggling with your email strategy? Choose from various intensives and get an easy to implement plan of action.

Online marketing course for email marketing strategy for business owners that want to scale and grow.

Shop Courses

Want to level up your email marketing on your own time? Check out these courses that you can take at your own pace.

Meet the gal
behind the biz

Hello there, my name is Rachel and I'm the gal behind Gal. I like to consider myself a corporate escapee.


After 8+ years in the corporate world building marketing campaigns for professional sports teams, financial institutions, tech companies, and non-profits - I launched Gal to help businesses of all sizes grow their email lists, automated their campaigns, and optimize their marketing using the proven strategies. 

I have been able to help business owners implement strategies that scale their businesses but also give you a better insight into your marketing and campaign success. 

On average, I have been able to save my clients 15+ hours in their month, allowing them to do more of what they love in their business. 

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