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Your email strategy is... 

The Sustainable Strategy

Sure...making millions of dollars sounds nice, but you know what also sounds a fulfilled life running the business that you love less than 20 hours a week.


We all started our businesses for different reasons. My reason was so that I had the CHOICE to work and didn't HAVE to work. I wanted that freedom to embrace life and experience the world (which was something I could not do from my corporate job).


You get me.


You know that your business is going to be so successful, but what you are missing is a process to streamline that success. I like to call this sustainable marketing.


Your main focus (with where you're at in your business) is to use your email list to replicate the areas of your sales process that are repeatable using automation. Automation is the magic sauce of email marketing.


Using your email list, you will put your prospects through a curated experience to nurture and engage them until they are ready to purchase.


This is your sales process with you removed - so you can convert your contacts on autopilot.


Ready to step into action? Let's dive into 3 exercises to get started with your strategy!


1. Mapping your Ideal Client's pain points: What are the pain points you walk through in discovery calls, DM convos, etc. that bust those objections? Diving into these tasks will allow you to start automating those touchpoints with your email list.


2. Embracing Automation & Your Customer Journey: Using your content strategy and your lead magnets, let's set this sales process on autopilot using marketing automation. Create content around your customer journey touchpoints from exercise 1 above.


3. Create a testing strategy: Successful marketing (in any form: social, email, etc) doesn’t just happen. You have to try, test, and determine what is actually working for your biz & your audience. If you skip this step, you're running your business on an assumption basis. Validate and verify those assumptions.

Hold up — let me introduce myself...

Hello, hello 👋 My name is Rachel, founder of Gal Marketing.

I’m an email marketing strategist for business owners that want to implement powerful (and reliable) lead generation systems in their business. Think you could be next? Me, too...


After spending the last 8+ years in the corporate marketing world, I decided to make the great escape and start my agency! Using organic marketing strategy, I help businesses create systems that connect, engage, and convert ideal clients into soul mate clients.


Past clients range from dietitians, authors, life coaches, digital agencies to winemakers in Cali! Whatever your service, I can help you sell, friend.

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Not sure where to start? These 3 resources will show you how to start implementing your strategy today!


1. Check out this post on my blog How Marketing Automation can help your business! It’ll break down the areas in your business that marketing automation can help you start taking those steps away from your business and TRUST your systems.


2. Need a clear plan of action to get started? Book an intensive!  Book a jam-packed strategy session for actionable and easy to implement strategies immediately. Get ready for some big wins, friend.


3. Join the Email Marketing Group on Facebook!  Get access to live trainings, tips, and education on email marketing! Join a community of other business owners that are learning how to implement smart systems into their business.  

P.S. Don’t be surprised to see me in your inbox with more tips to transform your biz 💌