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Your email strategy is... 

The Strong Foundation

Right now, you are probably feeling the stress of trying to "do it all". You've started your social account, but quickly realize just how exhausting it is to connect with your audience without a true strategy in place. 

I'm going to be straight up with you, social media is not a full-funnel strategy. It's a platform meant for authentic connection. 

So let's give them what they are asking for...

Your main focus (with where you're at in your business) is to establish a strong foundation for your audience AND establish you as an authority in your space. Let's put some systems in place that let you work smarter, not harder. 

Using your email list, you will bridge the gap between the audience you own (your list) and the audience you don't own (your social platform).  

Your email list will create the grand tour experience that your audience needs to really connect with you at that next level.

Ready to step into action? Let's dive into 3 exercises to get started with your strategy!


1. . Get inside the mind of your ideal client and target audience:   Who are they? Why are they here on your account? What sort of future do they want to create? Get to the heart of their pain points. Then create an experience in alignment.


2. Your email list attraction method:   How are you going to get them on your list? What does that process look like to you? Grow your email list effortlessly and without all the chaos.


3. Designing the grand tour experience:   What is the experience you want to deliver to your new contact once they get on your list? Let me just tell you...it's not about you - it's about them.

Hold up — let me introduce myself...

Hello, hello 👋 My name is Rachel, founder of Gal Marketing.

I’m an email marketing strategist for business owners that want to implement powerful (and reliable) lead generation systems in their business. Think you could be next? Me, too...


After spending the last 8+ years in the corporate marketing world, I decided to make the great escape and start my agency! Using organic marketing strategy, I help businesses create systems that connect, engage, and convert ideal clients into soul mate clients.


Past clients range from dietitians, authors, life coaches, digital agencies to winemakers in Cali! Whatever your service, I can help you sell, friend.

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Not sure where to start? These 3 resources will show you how to start implementing your strategy today!

1. Check out this post on my blog Pick your perfect email platform! It’ll break down the main areas to focus on when picking your platform..


2. Need a clear plan of action to get started? Book an intensive!  Book a jam-packed strategy session for actionable and easy to implement strategies immediately. Get ready for some big wins, friend.

3. Join the Email Marketing Group on Facebook  Get access to live trainings, free tips, and tons of resources to help you nail your email marketing strategy. 

P.S. Don’t be surprised to see me in your inbox with more tips to transform your biz 💌