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Supercharge Biz Sessions: 

email intensives

Jam-packed strategy session to get actionable and easy to implement strategies for your business to grow immediately. 

In these workshops, we will cover strategies to help you: 

  • Generate Profitable Leads 

  • Develop automated Engagement and Sales emails 

  • Work through existing issues like lack of engagement

  • Establish an Email Calendar & Planning system

Intensive Options

90 minute strategy intensive -  $397

Address Issues Like:
  • Lack of Engagement: Low Open Rates, Low Click-Through Rates, High Unsubscribe Rates

  • Lack of Understanding of Workflows or Email Sequences: We will go through existing workflows and develop strategies to optimize and enhance those automations.

  • Ineffective Funnels or Sequences: You will learn to self-audit those workflows for success.

Lead Generation 101:

We will go through the basics of lead generation and what you need to be equipped with to grow your audience and email list. 

Campaign Strategy & Planning

We will create repeatable + scalable calendars and planning strategies to implement these workshops in the future. 

2-day VIP done-with-you intensive -  $1097

Hands on Experience

Over the span of two days - 5-hour total - we will get hands-on into your email strategy. This is structured for 3 hours of strategy & planning + 2 hours done-with-you. 


You are more than welcome to bring your team to this and ask as many questions as possible.

Address Issues: 

We will address issues and develop a strategy around: 

  • Poor engagement

  • Low conversions

  • Email List Growth 

  • Automation 


During our two hours of done-with-you work, we will utilize that time to: 

  • Audit email sequences 

  • Outline journey touchpoints 

  • Set up segmentation and targeting

  • Tagging & Automation

I'm sure you have questions

Is it worth the investment? Yes - your campaigns, nurture emails, and targeting efforts will be more optimized than ever. Email is what I love and email is what I do - creating processes and understanding exactly "how" and "why" email marketing works will set you up for success in the future. 

What if I don’t have an email list? Our lead generation strategy will walk through the foundation of growing your email list and what tactics you need to have in place to get started. Before you start setting up your list, it's better to have all your sequences in place. So you are in the right place!

What if I want to learn the email strategies so I can implement them? Perfect, that is exactly what we are doing - training and strategy calls are perfect to take your emails to the next step. 

What success have your clients seen? Gal clients see an average lift of 60% engagement just after one campaign. The more targeted and more relevant messaging in your campaigns leads to a more engaged email list. 


hear from my clients 

I started from nothing and not understanding about email marketing. [Since joining the program] I feel my business feels more complete! I have an email list!


Working with Rachel is a blessing, she came into my business/life at a perfect time. She’s so professional, knowledgeable and knows how to teach in a way that anyone can understand! 

If you already have an email marketing list or you are new to email marketing- Rachel will be able to help you grow your list. If you don’t have an email list! Emails are here to stay. Invest in your business and invest in yourself

clarissa wong 


jessica walther 


My email marketing was all over the place I had no plan or strategy. I was piecing together items I was seeing on Instagram or through freebies but my messaging lacked cohesiveness.


[Since joining the program] I have a clear understanding of how to use email marketing to grow my business and also my client's business. I was able to take the information I used and immediately implement it by auditing all of my current client's email sequences and make recommendations on tweaks they could make to generate more revenue.


It is clear Rachel has a wealth of knowledge around email marketing. She has the ability to break down the complex subject of email marketing into digestible steps that I could easily implement to generate more revenue in my business and my client's business.

I can't believe I went from having LOTS of ideas about how to use email and no focus to fully repeatable email systems that I can use for the lifetime of my business in 2 months. I hired Rachel when my sister in sales in marketing told me honestly: my emails weren't all that engaging.

Rachel's ability to focus my time and energy on what will *actually* help convert leads is invaluable.

At the same time, Rachel encourages me to think big and creatively in designing valuable campaigns for my audience. All my ideas around email are finally in motion and I feel so grateful.

melissa landry