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Grow your email list - 4 steps to success

Updated: May 31

You have built a beautiful website. You have all of your services or products displayed proudly for the world to see. You post consistently on social media. You engage and network constantly.

And still, your email list is not growing. So frustrating - I know. I have been there.

My expertise is email, but I also spent 8+ years in the corporate world generating leads and creating beautiful campaigns for some incredible corporations, so hear me out.

I know everyone says growing your list will change your business, but let me tell you - what you do after, during, and before is really what will change your business and set you up for success.

I am going to walk through some key strategies to use to grow your lists, but promise me you will read “How to Create the Perfect Freebie Sequence” after.

Marketing your business is all just one big puzzle - this is one piece. In order for your marketing to make sense, you have to put the other pieces in place.

The number 1 way to grow your list: Lead Magnets / Freebies

You want to create the most perfect freebie to attract your ideal client and future customers to your email list. This freebie will solve the pain points of your clients and provides value.

These freebies can be:

  • Checklists

  • How-to’s

  • Guides

  • E-Books

  • A Cheat Sheet

  • Planners

  • Etc.

This will be such an enticing piece of content that your ideal client will see it and gladly hand over their email address in exchange. This might take time to nail - if your audience doesn't resonate with your lead magnet, you list won't grow.

Check out my freebie: How to Grow Your Email List - Free Guide - implement these strategies and tips to grow your email list today. Start growing your email list today!

Once the contact has grabbed their freebies, they will immediately enter the contact into your mailing list and you have now gained one new contact!

If your Freebie is enticing enough, your mailing list will grow and grow!

Number 2 & Number 1 go hand in hand: Promote your freebie on social groups

Social media groups on Facebook are a great place to find your ideal client and place your freebie directly in their view. If you have a group for business owners - promote your freebie, drop a link, and provide value to other business owners.

This is manual work, but one of the best ways to grow your email list. By putting your freebie in front of your future subscribers - you take the hard work out of getting exposure to your opt-in out of the picture.

Number 3 way to grow your mailing list: Opt-in / Lightboxes / Forms

Utilizing the traffic flowing to your website is key to growing your mailing list. Applying forms and lightboxes around your site increase your likelihood to get new subscribers.

Here are a few examples:

  • When someone visits your home page, you can have a pop-up with your most enticing freebie prompting them to sign up for your mailing list. If you are a product-based business, you can offer a discount to join your mailing list.

  • Placing an opt-in on your site’s footer creates a visible opportunity for visitors to join your website on any page.

  • Putting forms and opt-in options on your website will capture those interested in your site. It is important to not overdo this, place these forms in all places that are intuitive for your visitor’s experience. You don’t want to annoy them - that won’t make them want to join your list.

Here is a backend trick you can do to determine the most crucial place for your opt-in forms:
  • Find your Behavior Tab (for those that use Google Analytics) or Top Pages section of your analytics platform. Adjust your time frame to give you enough data - 60-90 days

  • Find your top-visited pages (you can also take into consideration Bounce Rate, Session Length)

  • Add Opt-in forms or a pop up of your most converting lead magnet to the pages that get seen the most.

Number 4: Drive traffic to your website. (After all, that is where your opt-in forms are, right?)

Driving traffic using SEO, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram helps increase the number of visitors who are likely to opt-in to your mailing list.

Assume you are driving the right people to your site, you are likely to resonate with their needs and pain point. If they like your freebie, your content, or your overall aesthetic - they are more likely to join your list.

Using your analytics platform - reassess the highest visited pages quarterly to determine opt-in placement.


Do you remember my analogy about the puzzle? Well, I want you to remember - this is one part of your puzzle. What happens after you get them on the list? You will need a Freebie Welcome Sequence to properly welcome them to your email family.

Don’t forget to read it - it provides step-by-step emails to set up to ensure your Welcome sequence returns you an engaged contact.

I have been using these strategies for clients and the value it creates for them is priceless. I will always stress the importance of doing email marketing the right way is crucial to your success in keeping your contacts engaged.

At Gal, I have strategies for businesses in all stages developed to help you build, convert, and create engaging relationships in your mailing list. I have helped all sorts of businesses grow and implement a strategy for their success. Book a free consultation today.

Learn more about Gal’s services here.


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