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How to email like an expert!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Email marketing still drives more ROI and convert more clients than social or traditional sales.

$38 for every $1 invested. That is a serious return-on-investment for email marketing.

Getting the most out of your email mail list is so important to reach your audience across the board. There are countless business owners doing email marketing because someone said they have to, overwhelmed, just sending an email when they can.

Email marketing allows you to create 1:1 relationships with your audience and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.

It isn't as difficult as you may think. It requires speaking to your audience where they are at in their journey and creating a welcoming relationship for them to participate in. I am all about education on how to make email marketing work for you and your business.

However, there isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy for every business. It takes time to see what resonates and works for your audience - so be patient. Email marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly.

Email marketing is essentially making sure that where ever someone is at in their journey with your brand that they are being heard, seen, and acknowledged.

Let’s walk through a few ways to email like an expert.

The Welcome (Freebie) / Onboarding Series:

Welcome emails are among the highest opened emails when it comes to businesses - why do you think that is? Well it's because they are expecting it! You get the chance to capitalize on their excitment and give them the grand tour of your brand.

However, there are still about 36% of businesses that don't send welcome emails...don't be like them.

Think of this as the first opportunity you have to connect with your contact. This is the first time this contact will choose to interact with you. One size does not fit all here - you have to create an experience that appears is custom fit for this one contact.

Metaphorically, take their hand and walk them your business through at their pace and allowing them to tell you what they want from you.

This may sound complicated - but this is where I come in handy.

When a contact enters your email list - there should be a mini sequence established to deliver the delivery of the opt-in freebie (if applicable), an Introduction, and your elevator pitch offer. (want these emails templates - check this out here)

Did you know that it takes someone interacting with your brand between 5-9 times in order to build the know, like, and trust factor that is required for them to make a purchase. This creates a very thin line to walk down - down the line of balance, establishing authority in a small time frame, and not annoying your contacts.

What you don't want to do is send them back-to-back emails every single day pitching and selling your offers. Afterall, they only downloaded a freebie.

You want to provide value, peak interest, and lead them down a path that feels organic.

I typically use a 4-part series for my freebies: Delivery of Freebie, Feedback, Introduction, Relevant Offer that solves a pain point. If you want to learn how to attract ideal clients to your email list with the perfect freebie - check out this 2 module mini-course I have created.

Automating this sequence allows for the most relevant and engaging experience for your contact. When they submit your opt-in form, your new contact will enter into your automated welcome sequence and see what you are all about.

Segment and Use Dynamic Content to include relevant content

By segmenting your emails, you are creating more 1-1 experience for your contact. Use website behavior, data captured through forms, and responses from previous emails to tailor your email directly to your contact’s need. Segmentation based on pain point or sales cycle allows for you to send the right message every time.

Dynamic content is an incredible tool that most ESP have. This allows you to build logic within your email to display results based on the contact who is receiving it. By establishing these rules, you create one email with various dynamic content pieces that would result in countless different experiences to your various contacts. Thus, creating a 1-1 experience.

Survey for Feedback/Data Capture:

Research is the best way to communicate to your audience effectively. Understanding exactly what your audience's pain points are and what they are currently struggling with is the best way to create a high-converting and highly engaged email list.

Survey tools have really come a long way. Instead of boring your contacts with a multi-question survey that asks them for tons of personal information - using tools like TypeForm creates an aesthetically pleasing experience to capture information without pulling any teeth.

I am a firm believer that asking for feedback from your existing email list, customers, etc. that you will learn so much about how you can adjust your business to better serve those that already in your reach.

As a part of my Freebie welcome sequence, I always ensure the second email they receive is a feedback email. Asking them what their favorite part was or if there was any areas of confusion they need clarity on. This allows them to respond directly to you creating that 1:1 conversation.

Lead Magnets & Opt-In Pages:

Using lead magnets and opt-in pages are the best ways to grow your email list quickly while attracting your ideal clients to your list. By using lead magnets and creating pages that convert (like the beautiful landing pages created by InstaPages), you are drawing more contacts to your business for you to convert.

However, you can reverse engineer this content and use these lead magnets as freebies and resources for your existing contacts. It creates value in their membership in your email list.

I have been using these strategies for clients and the value it creates for them is priceless. I will always stress the importance of doing email marketing the right way is crucial to your success in keeping your contacts engaged.

At Gal, we have strategies for businesses in all stages developed to helping you build, convert, and create engaging relationships in your mailing list. We even do 1:1 strategy coaching to keep you on the right track for optimizing and growing your email efforts.

Learn more about Gal’s services here.


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