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how to actually measure email success.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Email marketing is truly a powerful tool - connecting you directly to your customers with the click of a button!

But how do you know if your emails are effective or reaching their full potential?

Defining and understanding your benchmarks gives you a clear picture of success and where you can adjust for growth.

Let’s define what a benchmark is: Benchmarks are the metrics a business uses to determine and measure the success of their email marketing efforts. Standard email metrics are Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Bounces, Unsubscribes

First, we have to determine the metrics that matter to your business. Start by defining your business goals and work towards your benchmark metric.

For example: Joan runs a business that operates an e-commerce store and boutique in town. Joan’s in-store traffic does well, but she really wants to increase her online presence.

  • Business Goal: Increase e-commerce business

  • Objective: Get more visits to the site

  • Strategy: Launch promotional emails to increase e-commerce

  • Metrics: Click-through rate

Secondly, you need to establish your specific benchmarks using the metric you have defined.

There are two methods to define benchmarks depending on where you are at with your business -

1. Historical Campaigns and 2. Industry Trends.

Take a look at your previous email campaigns using the metric you have determined to be important to your campaign success.

If you don’t have historical campaigns, you can look at industry trends and create an assumed benchmark there. Feel free to compare your historical benchmarks to the industry trends to see how you are doing in terms of the industry average.

Finally, optimize and test!

Now that you know your key metrics and you have established your benchmarks - it is time to optimize! You can now clearly see which emails are performing beyond your benchmarks and which emails need some adjusting. Use these learnings to adjust your campaigns that are below the benchmark - see how your customers behave and respond to your tests.

I have created a free challenge to increase your email engagement in 3 days - here is a sneak peek: Day 2 is ALLLLLL about benchmarks and using strategies to identify & measure success for your email sends. Want in on the challenge? Click here!

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