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You know your email list is such an important part of your business, but you just don't know where to start...

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  • Just how powerful your email list really is.

  • How you can create a sustainable growth plan so you can consistently grow your list. 

  • What steps to take to start building your email strategy today. 

Dec. 17 @ 4PM CST

Did you know the secret to selling out your programs and scaling your profits is your email list?

it's true.

the quality of your email list is a crucial part of your business success. it solidifies your business and elevates your message beyond any algorithm.

why is email so powerful?

it's a separate audience of people that have raised their hands and are not affected by the algorithm. it's a community that wants to hear more and are ready to learn from you. 

but why do people give up so quick?

because they aren't aligned with their "why". before i lose you - think about the last time you started something and gave up. imagine if that "something" was so aligned with your success, would you still give up?

it's time to prioritize your email list.

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