the process

Your email list is not a siloed part of your business. It touches every single aspect of your marketing. In the process of transforming your email list, you will see massive clarity in your messaging, your outreach, the systems that work for you, and your marketing as a whole.


My done-for-you process is broken into 4 steps: Mindmap, Planning, Implement, and Optimize.


For 3-months, we will work together to enhance your marketing & customer journey to create a seamless experience via email marketing. 

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the process

the details

Here's the thing...I don't believe in the traditional retainers. You see this package isn't a cookie-cutter approach to email marketing. 

Why? Because your email marketing strategy is unique, your business goals are unique. Successful marketing takes testing, analysis, and optimization.

In this container, you have full support to let your wildest dreams come alive - once you start to see how powerful email marketing can be.



  • Bi-weekly 45-minute Strategy Sessions 

  • Quick Chat Meeting Support

  • Full project management of email marketing plans. 

  • Audits, review of all marketing assets

  • 90-day marketing strategy plan 

  • Copywriting 

  • Full Implementation of Email Sequences & Automations 

  • Monthly Analytics Reporting 

  • Dedicated Slack Channel

$2,000/month (3 month commitment)

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designed for the business owner who already does it all. 

No time to embrace your email list? Let me handle your email list and watch the magic happen

Are you ready to ditch the exhausting sales pitches to cold leads and start waking up each morning to ready-to-buy, excited prospects for your business?



Mindmap starts with an initial 90-minute strategy session to establish:

- identify key messaging & ICA deep dive
- email list engagement
- create benchmarks for current and future marketing



Planning phase begins off where we establish:

- 90-day marketing goals
- identify where automation can expand
- Content planning
- messaging shifts
- launch planning



During the Implement phase we jump into your platform with:

- template development & sequence outlining
- campaign automation & tracking
- AB testing 



During the Implement phase we jump into your platform with:

- reporting & optimization of efficiencies campaign
- automation & tracking
- launch recap
- analytics 

why gal?

With over 8+ years of experience, building B2B & B2C marketing campaigns in the corporate world, I help businesses of all sizes grow, automate, and
optimize through digital marketing. I will teach, guide, and help you implement strategies to help grow your business and optimize campaign success.


what my clients are seeing...

70%+ open rates

on average, my clients see an open rate of 70% or higher on their lead magnet sequences

30%+ leads from list

for my clients that want to diversify their lead gen, on average their email lists deliver 30%+ of monthly leads.

repeatable systems

with over 15+ hours saved through automations, my clients have more time to launch new products, trainings, and more

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meet rachel

the gal behind gal marketing 

I have spent that last 8+ years of my career helping businesses develop marketing campaigns and strategies to grow and drive business goals. In May of 2020, I took the leap into my business and started working with some incredible clients to drive their strategy and help them reach their goals. 


I have had the absolute pleasure of working with my clients to get incredible results like increasing their open rates from 33% to 89%, to increasing group program applications by 300% in a month. 


I am passionate about empowering my clients to dream big and use the tools that are proven to support your business goals. 


So whether you want to increase engagement, sell out your next program, or put your sales on autopilot -  I am ready to support you and help you reach your goals.

what my clients are saying...

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I can't believe I went from having LOTS of ideas about how to use email and no focus to fully repeatable email systems that I can use for the lifetime of my business in 2 months. I hired Rachel when my sister in sales in marketing told me honestly: my emails weren't all that engaging.Rachel's ability to focus my time and energy on what will *actually* help convert leads is invaluable.At the same time, Rachel encourages me to think big and creatively in designing valuable campaigns for my audience. All my ideas around email are finally in motion and I feel so grateful.

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Before hiring Rachel, my list was a mess. No rhyme or reason and I never sent out newsletters consistently. It’s such a relief to have this off my plate and trust that Rachel will get it done. My list has doubled in size; the click rate has also doubled and the experience for my list is so much better and consistent.

it's time to embrace a sustainable marketing strategy

stop cursing the algorithm and embrace proven systems to engage, nurture, and convert