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It’s time to embrace your email list and put proven lead generation systems in place.

Are you ready to ditch the exhausting DM sales pitches to cold leads and start waking up each morning to ready-to-buy, excited prospects for your business?

Your business will thank you

Just a "corporate escapee" ready to take your business to the next level by setting systems into place that have raving fans banging at your 'sales call' door!

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does this sound a bit too familiar?

Social media has you exhausted  - spending hours scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to market your offers on your Instagram, trying to keep up with the trends to stay relevant in your DM sales tactics, and have no idea why you aren’t seeing any progress

If you say to yourself, "It's impossible to get more leads, no matter how hard I try!"

“Lead generation” are just words to you - it’s in one ear and out the next when you hear someone talk about it. You struggle with setting systems into place that will attract high-quality leads.


Imagine if this was your reality...

You're able to deliver high impact value all while generating warm, organic leads AND still be able to have time to spend with your loved ones!

You wake up to HOT leads ready-to-buy your offers with a sales process that works for you.

You are able to use your social platform for what the algorithm is pushing for: ✨ Authentic Connections ✨ and stop stressing about your sales goals.

You are able to expand your business, your services, and your offers into everything you have dreamt of and planned for without compromising your freedom.

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You deserve peace of mind knowing that your processes are working for you and you're able to live out the lifestyle you deserve.

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Stop cursing the algorithm every time it changes and embrace the systems that work

Are you ready to grow, expand, and add more value to your business by making your email list a profitable tool?


Let’s step away from the “salesy” DM pitches that feel uncomfortable and forced. Time to OWN our systems and let them take the reigns on generating warm, organic leads...ALL WHILE YOU'RE GETTING THAT SWEET REM SLEEP.

Hello, email list - We are ready to embrace you!


Here is your one-stop-shop for a proven email strategy that educates, engages, and converts your leads for you. 

In this 8-week hybrid program, you will learn the ins and outs of building an email strategy that enhances and supports your business in every single way. 


I have pulled my strategies that worked for my top clients and want to share the secrets we used to get them where they are today.  Why? So that you too can achieve your revenue goals.

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module one:

Creating a solid foundation:

In this module, we are going to establish a solid foundation for onboarding a new marketing tool into your business toolkit. We want to ensure alignment with your business goals and strengthens your commitment to success with your email list.

hear from my clients 

melissa landry 


I can't believe I went from having LOTS of ideas about how to use email and no focus to fully repeatable email systems that I can use for the lifetime of my business in 2 months. I hired Rachel when my sister in sales in marketing told me honestly: my emails weren't all that engaging.

Rachel's ability to focus my time and energy on what will *actually* help convert leads is invaluable.

At the same time, Rachel encourages me to think big and creatively in designing valuable campaigns for my audience. All my ideas around email are finally in motion and I feel so grateful.

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Hi! I’m Rachel, your email expert!


I have spent that last 8+ years of my career helping businesses develop marketing campaigns and strategies to grow and drive business goals. In May of 2020, I took the leap into my business and started working with some incredible clients to drive their strategy and help them reach their goals. 


I have had the absolute pleasure of working with my clients to get incredible results like increasing their open rates from 33% to 89%, to increasing group program applications by 300% in a month. 


I am passionate about empowering my clients to dream big and use the tools that are proven to support your business goals. 


So whether you want to increase engagement, sell out your next program, or put your sales on autopilot -  I am ready to support you and help you reach your goals.

hear from my clients 


jessica walther 


My email marketing was all over the place I had no plan or strategy. I was piecing together items I was seeing on Instagram or through freebies but my messaging lacked cohesiveness.


[Since joining the program] I have a clear understanding of how to use email marketing to grow my business and also my client's business. I was able to take the information I used and immediately implement it by auditing all of my current client's email sequences and make recommendations on tweaks they could make to generate more revenue.


It is clear Rachel has a wealth of knowledge around email marketing. She has the ability to break down the complex subject of email marketing into digestible steps that I could easily implement to generate more revenue in my business and my client's business.

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Email to Scale is for you if...

It’s time to make social media SOCIAL again and let your email list do all the work!

You want to learn how to generate those warm, organic leads while delivering high-impact value on social media.

You want to trust the systems you have in place and finally diversify your sales process.

You are ready to embrace your email list into your business and finally, start to see what all the “email list” fuss is about.

You want to stop sending those “salesy” pitches in the DMs just to meet your monthly sales goals.


hear from my clients 

I started from nothing and not understanding about email marketing. [Since joining the program] I feel my business feels more complete! I have an email list!


Working with Rachel is a blessing, she came into my business/life at a perfect time. She’s so professional, knowledgeable and knows how to teach in a way that anyone can understand! 

If you already have an email marketing list or you are new to email marketing- Rachel will be able to help you grow your list. If you don’t have an email list! Emails are here to stay. Invest in your business and invest in yourself


clarissa wong 


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I am sure you have questions.


What if I can't figure out the tech side? In our weekly meetings, we will jump into your platform and walk through exactly how to have things set up so that you don't struggle with the tech. Inside the modules, you will also have access to my tech tutorials for the more common platforms like MailChimp, FloDesk, and ActiveCampaign. 

What if I don’t have an email list?    My lead generation strategy will walk through the foundation of growing your email list and what tactics you need to have in place to get started. This is the perfect place for you to start your email marketing journey. 

How do I learn the email strategies so I can implement them? This is a hybrid program. You will get access to module-based learning that is my entire training library consolidated in stages. In our weekly calls, we will walk through the module of the week and the homework assigned in each module. You'll get live feedback on your emails, strategy, and messaging. 

What is the time commitment?  We will meet once a week for 60-mins over 8 weeks. You will have access to the replays immediately after the call if you cannot make it, plus, Voxer support for the 8-week during the program for any questions. 

But is this really necessary?  You will learn the exact strategies to make sales from your email list. You will learn how to optimize your campaigns, nurture emails, and targeting efforts so that you can make smart decisions on autopilot.