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Hey there, I'm Rachel

just a corporate escapee helping small businesses create profitable and sustainable marketing strategies through email marketing.

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Hello, this gal's name is Rachel!


I officially launched Gal Agency in 2020. After years of implementing marketing strategy, campaign execution, and email marketing in various industries like tech, professional sports, and financial - it was finally time to bring this agency to reality!


Throughout my years in the corporate world, I saw tactic after tactic tried and still I didn't realize what the true powerhouse of the marketing world was. 

It wasn't until I saw a recurring theme across most campaigns that I had run. Email delivered MAJOR results every time. 

I shifted my focus to find out WHY email marketing was so successful. Then, it clicked. 

The right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The power of an email list is that you are entirely in control of who you are attracting to your list and the experience that they get - all in one click

That type of success isn't just for the big corps or the entrepreneurs with 10K contact lists - this strategy is repeatable for businesses of all sizes.

Gal's mission is to provide world-class marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Any size business can grow, optimize, and automate their marketing efforts. Let's give your business the email list it deserves. 

why gal?

With over 8+ years of experience, building B2B & B2C marketing campaigns in the corporate world, I help businesses of all sizes grow, automate, and
optimize through digital marketing. I will teach, guide, and help you implement strategies to help grow your business and optimize campaign success.

the process

Your email list is not a siloed part of your business. It touches every single aspect of your marketing. In the process of transforming your email list, you will see massive clarity in your messaging, your outreach, the systems that work for you, and your marketing as a whole. This process is broken into 4 steps: Mindmap, Planning, Implement, and Optimize.