Increase Your Email Engagement in 3 days! 

That sounds crazy, right? Well, I have created a 3-day challenge that is jam-packed with strategies and tips you can implement immediately.


Email marketing is such a powerful tool for your business. However, it doesn't just end at being a tool. There are strategies and techniques that experts use to get those most value out of their email list.


I see way too many blog posts or social posts about how building your email list is the key to success. However, I 100% disagree.


Sure, you have your list and you can reach them whenever you want. BUT, if you aren't reaching out to them with the most relevant and personalized message - you will lose that contact. They will unsubscribe or just stop reading your emails entirely.


When someone opts into your email list, you have a responsibility and the opportunity to keep them happy for as long as they choose to stick around. How do you do that? You build a relationship with that contact.


Building that relationship means you understand what they want from you.


In this 3 Day Challenge, we go through why no one is opening your emails, identifying what email success looks like to you, and how to optimize your emails with data-backed decisions.


Here's the breakdown: 

DAY 1: Let's talk about Subject Lines. You will get a guide to creating the best subject lines for your business along with 4 strategies that you can try. ​

DAY 2: Debunking Email Metrics Mysteries! You will understand what campaign success looks like for your sends and establish benchmarks for a fast analysis of your sends.  ​


DAY 3: Testing! We will walk through how and when to test to improve engagement across your campaigns. This incorporates the Day 1 + Day 2 strategies so be sure to follow along!  ​


Each day comes with a strategy video and workbook. I'd love to hear the strategies you use in your business today! Share them with me at Gal's Instagram.

Do you accept the challenge?

Stay tuned for your challenge details!